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the Security Area of Networked Information Systems

The main focus of the security area is the application of XML Security Standards. Thus, within the project XML Security Services we developed security services enforcing role based access control mechanisms in the domain of biodiversity database providers. The project takes place in coorperation with the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin (BGBM) and is funded by the projects GBIF-D (BMBF) und SYNTHESYS (EU).
Beyond the download of the developed software components, an demonstrator is online to exemplify the results of this projects.

Furthermore, we work on security related aspects of the Semantic Web like bindingness, reliability and trustworthiness. In context of a doctoral thesis (workig title: "Reliable statements in the Semantic Web") we research on solutions assuring these values to users within a global semantic network. We published several Publications and Presentations to this end.


XML Security Services : Demonstrator online.


XML Security Services :
XML Security Services for BioCASE V0.9.0 available.


XML-Infotag "Sicherheit für XML-Anwendungen"

Presentation given : "Sicherheit mit XML" (german)

DACH Security 2006

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